Monday, April 20, 2009

Zoes Granola/Bars Review!

Kim from Zoe Foods, sent me a generous package with various selections of granolas and zoe bars to try out- of course I was so excited, that the first bars I tried were..can you guess?? Of course, I tried the chocolate delight bar and a bite of the chocolate peanut butter crunch because I had to share with Reggie since he loves all things peanut butter! I loved both of them- I could definitely eat these before working out to give me energy- Reggie loved the peanut butter bar! I also shared the peanut butter paradise with Reggie- he liked it also- I liked the heavenly apple bar- it reminded me of eating apple pie, it would be great with coffee! I saved the granola for breakfast- I loved the combination of the granola with my fruit salad - very yummy combination! I would have to say after trying all three granolas that the Cinnamon Raisin was my favorite, then the Cranberries and currants, and last but definitely not least would be the Honey Almond- these were such yummy granolas and so filling too! They are very nutritious and all natural to boot! High in fiber ,protein, low in sodium and full of omega 3's- who knew that Zoes granola and bars are also Weight Watchers friendly- that is another added bonus! And another bonus, as if that isn't enough- is that they can be found at some Sam's clubs,, and also I give them a thumbs up and I will definitely be purchasing in the near future!


Brittney said...

Aw, glad I found your blog, as well! It's really neat you get to review new products.

Melinda said...

Me too! It is fun reviewing new products, but it isn't helping me to lose weight lol. Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to read more of your blog! :-)

Tori, Founder of Zoe Foods said...


Thank you so much for your review, Kim and I really appreciate it. Most importantly, we're thrilled that you are enjoying Zoe's Granolas and Zoe's Bars!

Keep dreaming, believing, and achieving

Melinda said...

You're welcome Tori! It was definitely my pleasure!

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