Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vintage Finds!!

I checked the mail the other day and found a package from Divine Foods- maker of Boomi Bars & Organic PranaBar- Jianda sent me 1 bar of each. She sent me the cashew almond flavor for the PranaBar and the macadamia paradise for the Boomi Bar. I loved both bars, but I would have to say I would probably lean more towards the organic Prana bar because of it being 77% raw and it had a great flavor! The boomi bar was really good and nutty, I ate some of it for breakfast and gave Reggie the other 3/4 - he loved the boomi bar! I would most likely buy the PranaBar for me and buy the boomi bars for Reggie- they both make a very filling snack! The Prana Bars are also gluten free for those with intolerance to gluten; vegan, and soy free and also NO added sugars! They also have a low glycemic index which is great for those trying to lose some lbs.- like me. They come in apricot goji, apricot pumpkin, cinnamon apple, cashew almond, pear ginseng, and coconut acai. Their website is .The Boomi Bars have no preservatives, no sulfured fruit or GMO's and also is gluten free. They are kosher and vegetarian. Check out to see all of the different flavors!
I have to say, I've been really tired lately- entertaining company is not easy, especially at day 3 now- fortunately, Carla is moving on to visit with my other sister, Liz, so that will give me a break soon. In exactly 4 hours HA!! I am meeting Liz at 5:30 today and then when I get back home, I plan on going food shopping. I was doing great eating mostly raw, until I ran out of groceries and after yesterdays trip shopping, I did NOT want to take Carla anywhere shopping again. Just to update you- she tried to buy everything in the store basically- she has a good income, but she doesn't know how to manage her money, so I had to talk with her and get her to put some unnecessary items back- I don't mind doing that to teach her, but at that point, I just wanted a break to do some shopping and we had to leave early because of it, but I did have a good time shopping regardless. Carla did actually help me find a vintage suitcase and a vintage dress- I found the 3 pair of vintage shoes (some old lady must have cleaned her closet out = one happy girl= ME! I was so excited!! I saw another vintage pair (actually Carla spotted them) that were made in Florence, they were Salvatore Ferragamos and I almost passed out (SERIOUSLY!) and found out that they wouldn't FIT! I almost started crying, we're talking $4.00 vintage Designer shoes here people! Anywho, I didn't buy them at first, then I decided to go back and get them so I could sell them on Ebay (make a few extra $$). We shopped for a couple of hours- which was good enough since I had found so many great things.
I felt like I cleaned house ALL day long! I did laundry, weeded the flower beds/garden- Carla watered the flowers for me. I also cleaned the floors, stripped the beds, gave both dogs a bath outside (the best idea ever-no more dirty tubs!)
I just met my sister Liz to drop Carla off with her-we are back home and I am going to relax, have a cup of coffee and go food shopping.


C.G. the Foodie said...

Yay on the shopping finds!

Melinda said...

Thanks! I was so excited about all of the great things I found! :)

Anonymous said...

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