Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can't keep up!!

My life is so busy that I can't even keep up!! Just a quick update about what is going on in my life- this morning my brother, Mac is here to help Reggie put up the hardi-board siding on the house. I've been busy as a bee helping my sister set up her new blog
( - Please go check out her blog!) cleaning the house, washing the dog (he rolled in the dirt AGAIN!) doing laundry, mopping the floors, making the bed, dishes, cooking for them, and doing some product reviews. I plan on doing 2-3 hours of power walking and weights today and some more cleaning. The kids also came down from South Carolina and we went to the aquarium and to Turtle Park so I was over there for almost 2 days on top of being sick all last week, but I got paid for it so I'm not complaining! Hopefully, we can relax some and watch a movie tonight. I'm still weighing the same but hopefully this plateau will break soon- I've been eating really healthy and sticking to my exercise so I know it will pay off soon!! I also was able to try 2 more products from Newman's own and I loved both the raisins and cranberries-so yummy on fruit salad or a green salad! I am definitely now hooked on all of their products so far! I also need to get back to journalling what I eat but it's been so hectic lately, but I will post what I've eaten so far today.
Brekkie - Too much organic coffee, tiny bowl Zoes Cinnamon Raisin Cereal (Review coming soon)w/1% organic milk
Lunch - 1 organic banana, 1/2 organic apple w/organic tahini & organic agave nectar from Suzanne Specialties, organic newmans own raisins
Snack- 1 glass You shake- chocolate flavor, added organic coffee, 1% organic milk, some frozen strawberries, agave nectar
Snack- another You Shake- strawberry flavor
Dinner- Organic green salad with almonds, blue cheese, organic cranberries, organic apples w/organic balsamic vinegrette
Dessert- 7 Newman's own Ginger O's with 1/2 mug 1% organic milk


Megan said...

newman's own can do no wrong :)

Melinda said...

I agree, I haven't met a Newman's Own food that I didn't like! I just tried the Ginger O's- omgosh, they are so yummy!!

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