Sunday, April 26, 2009


Guess what, my little darlings!! I am so excited because of the AMAZING progress on the hardiplank siding!! Reggie and Demetrius are getting a ridiculous amount of work done- it looks so good- later I will sneak out and get a picture for you to see!
And another blessing, I talked to my sister, Shelly and some things she said and the way she said them really hurt my feelings and after I got off of the phone with her, I just started crying, I was so upset that I didn't even feel like eating or doing anything. I kept feeling something urge me to call her, but I really really didn't want to- I was so afraid that she would shoot down my feelings and say I was being overly dramatic. So after about an hour, I got up the courage to call her and tell her how I felt and how I was sad because we have been so distant for the past few years and how I missed how she used to do my hair and makeup like the perfect big sister (of course I cried halfway throught the conversation). She agreed that she felt left out sometimes with me and my other sister hanging out and I told her that I always wanted her to be a part of whatever we were doing-pj parties, shopping, spa days- but she had always turned me down and that I loved her just as much as my other sister, Becky. She said she would work on it and she wanted to start hanging out again- we had such a great talk and I felt such a weight lifted off of me! I imagine she felt better too, we just need to start letting out our feelings more and talk about things! Anyway, that was my second blessing for the day!!
And I had a third blessing today! Lewis from LaraBar contacted me and offered to make me Fan of the Day so I'm super excited!! I LOVE Larabars! They are really a life saver when I am trying to eat all raw and I want something sweet!
I'm also leaning towards going back to eating more raw- my weight is going up, up, up! Raw is the only thing that has allowed me to eat and still lose weight/maintain.
Breakfast- 1 cup organic coffee, 2 organic bananas, 1 apple, organic tahini, organic madhava agave. 1 organic dried apple ring (Peeled Snacks)
Lunch- Big green organic salad with organic raisins, organic walnuts, amish blue cheese- no hormones or pesticides w/organic balsamic vin. dressing
Snack- 1 cup organic coffee
Dinner- same salad I had for lunch
Well, I am going to do some more house cleaning- my sister, Carla is coming over tomorrow to visit through Wednesday so I want the house clean. I've already done laundry, washed the sheets, gave Lexi a bath and Roscoe 2 baths (he rolled in the dirt again) completed 1 product review in between, and dishes- I still have loads left to do and I also need to go power walking! Talk to you all soon!
P.S. I am using the lines to seperate my paragraphs- if anyone knows how to make everything not jumble together- please let me know! :-)


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