Monday, April 20, 2009

The weekend

Saturday was busy, busy!! I did get my 2 hour power walk in- the girls called during (or rather,they put Andrew up to it) asking me to come over to hang out, but I was so tired and had planned on resting after my walking, so I had to decline. Mac and Reggie were able to get the most difficult sections done on the siding so that was a HUGE help to Reggie. I sent Mac home with 1/2 of a pineapple, because I know it is his fave! Anyway, things couldn't have gone smoother, so I was a happy girl! Sunday- I didn't do much, did alot of blog hopping, checking out new blogs to follow- if anyone is reading this, PLEASE become a FOLLOWER of my blog- I am only 3 weeks or so into this new blog, so I need some new peeps! I promise my life does get more interesting, especially once we get this house remodel done- we want to get back to traveling, going biking, working out together, maybe even get an airstream after we sell the house- I am SO ready for all of that!! I did do an hour or more of power walking and weights. I didn't eat well though (see below) Brekkie- zoes cereal w/1% organic milk, banana and apple fruit salad, organic coffee lunch- 1 avocado w/lime juice, salt w/multigrain, flax crackers, 1/2 container Naked Green Machine drink Snack- 1 glass You shake- chocolate flavored w/3 orange slices (that Reggie didn't eat)
Snack- 1/2 glass 1% organic milk w/6 Ginger O's (organic) Dinner- Ginger O's with 1/2 glass 1% organic milk (I think I ate about 10 of them argghh!!) Not a very healthy dinner - I had planned on a nice green salad with fruit but was too tired to make
Snack- 1 organic Newmans own dried apricot and dried apple ring Also, I called my Mom while I was walking and she sounded sad about not getting to see me before her flight to Cali, so I told her I would come down to visit with her on Thursday- I also have a goodie bag for her to bring with her on the plane, she will be excited! Monday- Well, I slept in until 11:00- woke up made my organic coffee and had brekkie. Now sitting here updating my blog. I have some reviews to do today, some garden seeds to plant, exercise and tearing off some siding and take a much needed bath later. So I guess I will get to it then! Brekkie- cranberries currants Zoe's cereal w/1% organic milk, fruit salad w/organic apples, organic banana and organic agave, organic tahini mixed, 1 cup organic coffee


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