Wednesday, April 1, 2009

8th Day back on raw- it's paying off!

This morning I weighed and altogether I've lost 5.5 lbs in the past 3 weeks- the only thing I've done differently the past few days is that I skipped my green smoothies for 3 days and I've switched vitamins and haven't been having the extra flax that I normally have. I know that the prayers definitely helped!! I've been eating more salads, larabars, date balls, some nuts and still having my organic coffee- although I might start doing 1/2 teecino and 1/2 coffee. Today I went to my hair appointment to my new stylist, Kim (she was a total sweetie) at the Technical school and the instructor told her that she needed to do some FREE mani/pedis for clients to add up more school credits so I took full advantage and offered to be the guinea pig lol- they turned out awesome! I was there from 8:30-12:30 so after lunch I ended up only working 4.5 hours. Not only that, but I met this nice lady who was reading the book by Suzanne Somers "Ageless" which I had read over a month ago, so I started talking to her about it and she is actually on the Biodentical Hormones and says she has never felt better! The holistic doctor she goes to actually has been taught some by the celeb doctor that Suzanne went to-so I am thinking about setting up an appointment to get blood tests done to see if my thyroid and other hormones are in the normal range. The past year I have had issues with gaining weight and I don't eat much- that is what kind of made me want to get tests done- even after eating lighter and exercising more, I've only been able to lose the 5.5 lbs and that took a LONG time to lose. I still have the 8-10 extra pounds to lose. I will update after my appointment. I also got in some Newmans Own Organics Coupons for free items-about $12 worth- I can't wait to try out some new products! We also got our free tickets to Universal Studios- we are going to go for a week and the free birthday day to DisneyWorld on July 20th for Reggie's birthday and of course we will hit up Whole Foods while we are there! Next weekend at the Jacksonville Zoo I will be able to go to Whole Foods also, yay! I thank GOD for all of the little blesssings that he sends me!! And I'm really praying that I win the CCV giveaway - some of the products I've never tried! I've heard about the cacao bliss by Artisana- that would be so yummy with strawberries!


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