Monday, April 20, 2009

Goals for taking better care of me!

Okay, so if you read my last post, you saw that I have not been eating the best or treating myself so well- instead of a green salad I had organic cookies and organic milk for dinner (I realize that the fact that it is organic does not make it the healthiest choice- sometimes I fool myself into believing that). So here are some things I am going to start doing to be healthier inside and out!
- Drink Less coffee!!
- Drink more H20
- Eat 85% or more raw per day like I used to
- Go to bed earlier/take naps during the day
- Listen to more sermons/go to church regularly
- Accomplish more things at home - i.e. paint dr, kiltz trim, organize (help towards finishing house remodel so we can sell!!)
- Work from home- less stress (any ideas??)
- Do aerobic dvd in addition to power walking
- Have a spa day once per week- massage, facials, pedi/mani, teeth whitener, etc.
- Lose the last 10 lbs!!
- Sell Pump and scales for Dad on ebay and make $$$
So, starting today, I am going to do better!!


lesley said...

Sounds like some great goals!

Melinda said...

Thanks! Now, I just need to stick to them! :-)

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