Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursdays Post- being sick put me behind

Yesterday, I didn't get much done besides some laundry, dishes and power walking and weights (about 3 hours worth)- while I was trying to do some ab exercises- Roscoe decided he wanted to lie on my tummy, so much for that lol. I had given him a bath and blow dried him out then he decided to roll in the dirt- that is why he looks so dirty- he is a handful! I finished watching "SpinOut" - what a great movie- I haven't watched alot of Elvis movies, but I wasn't surprised that I liked it, because I just love old movies! I talked to Reggie about the house remodel and we've decided to pay my brother to help- he is a hard worker, very intelligent and is a leader and that is what we need in order to get this house done! I was talking to my sister and I was telling her that the house not being finished was the only thing that kept my life from being fully fabulous! So, I'm thinking with Mac helping, we can get our house done in a matter of a couple of months and put it up for sale! How exciting!! I did help tear off some old siding - I like destructing things for some reason- it's very therapeutic- out with the old, in with the new!


lesley said...

Yay for remodeling! : )

I LOVE that tea pot in your picture, so cute!

Melinda said...

Yeah it's so much fun to see the after part of remodeling!

I love tea! :-)

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