Monday, April 27, 2009

Makeovers and a trip to the Laundrimat!

BEFORE...dun dun dun
Look at how much HAPPIER she looks!
My Day
Today is day 2 for me trying to eat mostly raw. I was so exhausted this morning, Reggie woke me up at 6:30 because my sister was supposed to be coming by, but it's 8:50 and still no sign of her- darn I could have slept in! I have loads of things planned for today- Plant Garden seeds, weed flowerbeds/garden, Tan, go power walking and maybe watch a chick flick if I have time. Also, my sister is visiting this week, she usually stays with my Mom mostly but since my Mom is gone all of us girls and other family is helping to watch her- she has a chemical imbalance and needs someone to make sure she takes her meds and she also needs some motivating towards living a better, healthier life. She's had some issues with depression and not feeling good about herself. So we've all decided to step in and try to help her achieve her goals and get her excited about life- so I will be posting updates on how she is doing!
Breakfast- French Vanilla Stonyfield yogurt with 2 organic bananas,1 cup organic coffee, 1 cup hot water with lemon and organic agave
Lunch- big organic green salad w/natural blue cheese, organic apricots (newmans own), organic tj walnuts w/organic balsamic vin.
Snack- 1 raw prana bar (chocolate and cinnamon)
Dinner - 1 raw prana bar- berri blast (more about these later!) & 1 raw prana bar- apple pie
So, I didn't get half of the things done that I set out to do today- I did do some power walking, but mostly weights while my sister and I watched "My Fair Lady"- she's never seen it. Carla and I broke out the Tae Bo videos that my sister got for my birthday and we did about 10 minutes of it- I didn't want to overexert her, so we decided to take it slow. I did get loads of cleaning done though! I mopped the floors- my sister mopped a couple of rooms for me, I cleaned the front door/glass door, cleaned off the front porch and walkway and watered the flowers, dishes, and gave Roscoe another bath. My brother in law dropped Carla off, he came in and wanted to look at the remodeling we had done, so I gave him a glass of sweet tea (it's a southern thing ya'll) showed him around the house and we chatted some. He left and I gave my sister a makeover- more on that later. I sat down and went over her goals (decorate house, get a car, lose weight, go to Technical school, get a job, get married), daily routine, healthy eating plan and a monthly budget - it seemed to really help her and she wrote it all down in the journal so she can remember. We talked about her taking responsibility for her life and becoming independent and I told her if she worked hard at keeping her house clean/organized and work on her goals that Reggie and I would give her the Mazda for her to fix up like she wants. She was really excited and seems to want to start doing better- so we will keep praying for the best! She has been really great here and I am looking forward to her coming up and visiting more often!
Reggie brought me home some things - french green beans and some philly cheese steak sandwiches from the office. For dinner I made brocolli & chicken stir-fry for Reggie & Carla- which they both really enjoyed. Around 9:00 we went to the laundrimat to wash a blanket and got home around 10:30- we were exhausted and ready to hit the bed!


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