Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday continued..

Went to the viewing- I have a huge family, so it's always like a family reunion, meeting new people I've never met, new cousins. My sister invited some of them to our family reunion this Sunday- I have to go food shopping so I can cook something. After the viewing, the kids wanted to ride with Reggie and I, so we headed to my Mom's where we all proceeded to hang out until 11:30 a.m- we had an hour drive back home which is always hard. We had a great time with everyone, being silly and laughing alot- it's great seeing my family so much happier since all of the drama is now gone- I am so happy and thankful to GOD for everything! I love peacefullness and happiness and I don't like people who purposely try to break a family apart (it's a long story, believe me). Anywho, I didn't get to walk yesterday because I thought I had more time than I did! I was not happy about it either- I look forward to my daily exercise!


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