Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tea Parties and little girls

So, Uncle Bobby and Dad came and picked me up for the Tea party today- Uncle Bobby was yelling at me from outside to hurry up lol (yes I am one of those type girls). I was trying to get Reggie to zip me up but he was working on the hardiplank with Demetrius and couldn't get it zipped, so I figured that I could find some one to help me! Once we got there, Dad and Uncle Bobby tried to no avail, then finally Judy came over and between the 3 of them they got me zipped up- it was SO funny! I wish I could have taped it- me standing in the carport, them pulling and pushing on me- especially 2 grown men at at Tea Party HILARIOUS! Anyway, so once I was zipped up properly, I joined the girls for the party- it was such a pretty setup- My Mom in law, June (Uncle Bobby's ex), Elaine (friend), Rebecca and Melody were all there- we had our own table. They had plenty of healthy food for me to choose from- cucumber sammies, strawberries, fruit salads, pineapple- it was a better selection than the previous years. I had a great time- and I got a FREE chocolate cake-they had a silent auction (all proceeds went to the Missions for the poor people in the Phillipines) and someone gave away a cake that they had already paid for- I knew Reggie and Demetrius would enjoy it. Next year, they are having a black and white theme- you know I will BE there!! I am so getting me an Audrey Hat to wear for that!


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