Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Monday & Tuesdays post combined!

Things I did yesterday:
- Drank 8 glasses filtered H20
- Ate more raw (extra green salad)
- Hot bath w/epsom salts, lush bath bomb, EO bubble bath
- Gave Roscoe another bath
- Received more new products to review- coming soon!
-Power walked for 1.5 hours while talking to my Mom and friend Lisa and also prayed about our house while walking (biggest trial of my ENTIRE life! I have learned so much patience)
- Devoured the remaining Ginger O's - those things are SERIOUSLY addictive!!
- Watched Survivor with Reggie
- Recorded all of my fave shows on the Replay (it's just like Tivo pretty much)
- Blog hopped, finding new fun blogs to follow!
Things I did today (Tuesday):
- Gave myself a lemon peel
- Power walked 2 hours
- Washed and put up laundry
- Dishes
- Made my Mom a bag of goodies for her plane trip
- Fed the squirrels - Gave myself a pedicure
- Did White Brite on my teeth
- Cleaned off the computer desk
- Paid Discover Card and Land payments
- Sent a funny ecard to my sissies from Hallmark- java junkie rabbits haha
- Sent a sorry ecard to Reggie from Hallmark- got upset about the house, said things I shouldn't- I apologized :( So stressful, can't wait to finish this house!!
Still working on eating more raw, I need to lose about 8-10 more lbs! I am going to a viewing today- third cousin, he and my Dad were close friends- I'm not sure if I remember him.
Reggie parents took him to Cracker Barrell yesterday then went and bought him a new cell phone for work- so now he doesn't have to buy any more minutes for his track phone yay! And I can call him all I want without it charging HA!


Taylor said...

WOW, you have been a busy bee these past few days! I'm sorry to hear about your cousin...

Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Melinda said...

Yeah, I have so much to do with the house remodel! Thanks for your condolences. And thanks for stopping by- I will have to read more of your blog! :-)

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