Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weight loss!!

I woke up this morning and first thing I did was weigh, I have lost another 2 lbs!! I was so excited! It's been an uphill battle for me trying to get these 12 lbs off that I gained this year. So far I think I have lost 8 lbs in total!! I give GOD all of the glory- he is the reason I have lost this weight, I prayed and prayed about it!
I have been eating lots of salads, larabars, date nut balls, lettuce wraps, and fruit. I also entered LOTS of Giveaways so I can try out some new products (I am praying to win at least one giveaway!) living in such a small town really limits me to new products-we are going to Jacksonville, Florida next Saturday and regardless of how tired I am after all day at the Zoo, I am going to make a stop at Whole Foods to stock up! I only get to go a few times per year. I can go again July 20th when we are in Orlando, FL. then again in August while we are in Wisconsin- I know, how sad right? :( But I make do with what I have for now- I try to find the positive in life and the fact that I get to go those 3 times makes me excited and happy!!
Today at work, I listened to sermons during the day- they were very uplifting and encouraging! After work, we have to go to Sam's, Publix and Target- and I still have things at home to do before the party tomorrow- I am going to need some caffeine!! lol


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