Monday, April 20, 2009

Madhava Agave Nectar = yumminess!

(From the website)
The raw agave juice is regularly harvested from living plants by Indian peoples native to central Mexico. To do so, they must slice off the top of the plant and hollow out its core. Then the plant is capped with a stone. The pineapple shaped agave plant secretes its nectar into the center of the plant, rather than into flowers like most plants do. It collects in the hollow center for several days, after which the milky white "juice" is removed by ladle, one plant at a time. In a way it is similar to tapping a tree for maple syrup collection.
Limiting glucose consumption is a contemporary concern for many people. The introduction of this new sweetener is timely as it has a relatively low glycemic index due to its higher proportion of fructose and lower levels of glucose. This fact should prove attractive to those with special diet considerations or who monitor glucose intake.
This pure, unrefined sweetener is a great-tasting, economical alternative to all other sweeteners, granular or liquid, perfect for all around use. It has approx 1.4 x the sweetening power of white sugar. And, Agave Nectar's mild flavor doesn't vary widely which will lend a real consistency to recipes.
Briana from Madhava Agave sent me a nice package with 2 different kinds of their Agave to try out- yay for me! It was so easy for me to find things to add agave to, I put it on my fruit salad, in smoothies, I even mixed it in the balsamic vinegrette salad dressing and it just made the salad taste so much yummier! I love this agave- both the dark and light were great! I haven't tried yet, but I imagine this would be great to sweeten coffee and teas with also. Another great thing about Madhava Agave nectars, is that it is both organic AND kosher. I will definitely buy this agave in the future- I give it a thumbs up for sure!


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