Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under the weather :(

Sorry I have abandoned my blog for a couple of days- after staying up late Friday and Saturday (my sister, Shelly came over so I could show her how to upload/order photos froms Sam's online) I came down with a sore throat- so I finally was able to try out my new natural medicine- the cough syrup is yummy and I HATE all cough syrups. I did manage to do 2 hours of speedwalking & weights Sunday and Monday and felt better afterward. Of course, during my walk I was pleasantly interrupted by my next door neighbor's puppy-as always I bring him a milk bone and love on him. It's so sad because they never take up any time with him and so I try to spend time with him when I can-plus his whimpering and puppy dog eyes get me everytime- I love doggies :-) My mom was supposed to be coming up today, but my sister isn't doing well- we had a great conversation about how when people talk bad about others, to pray for them and it doesn't matter what they think, only what GOD thinks because he knows our heart.
Yesterday, I mowed grass (Reggie got the lawnmower fixed and it was such a blessing because it didn't cost us a dime to repair it!). I also weeded out the flower beds and cleaned off the back patio and did some laundry and dishes. Reggie brought me some oranges and grapefruit that Mom bought from church- which was perfect timing with my sore throat!


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