Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Day 3 of eating RAW!

Today is day 3 of eating 85% raw and I feel alot better already! This morning I weighed in and was happy to see that my weight is going down and not UP! I got some new goodies in yesterday that I am excited about reviewing but you'll have to wait and see! Anyhoo, I am hoping to get so much done today- I will update later :)
Breakfast - 1 organic banana with 1 cup organic french vanilla yogurt, 1 cup organic coffee
Snack- Raw vegan bar, 1 glass vitamin drink
Lunch- Dr. Kracker pumpkin seed crackers (2) with organic provolone cheese 1.5 slices & 1.5 organic orange slices
Snack- 1 cup organic coffee
Dinner - 1 pumpkin seed Dr. Kracker with 1/2 slice organic provolone, 1 raw bar and organic cottage cheese with organic orange slices (1 orange total)
So far today, I have done laundry, watered the garden/flowers, dishes, gave Carla a facial/mask and she took a long bath. We put on some good beats like Beyonce and exercised with our weights for about 25 minutes and worked up a good sweat (I actually did another 20 minutes of dancing and lifting weights)- we will try to do that again this aftenoon. I weighed Carla in and she says that she has lost weight - like 11 lbs! Apparentally, she hasn't weighed in a month or so, so she didn't realize that she had lost- so she is already on her way! Around 5'ish Reggie is going to take us shopping. I talked to my sister, Becky for a while and we had a good chat- I am going to be hanging out with her this weekend so I will have some FUN posts- so come back and check it out! Carla is taking a nap now, so I think I will try to catch some zzz's myself really quick!
So, I did take a 30 minute nap, I would have slept longer, but apparentally Carla locked herself out by accident and was knocking on the back door and that woke me up. Later, I made her some chai tea w/whipped cream and cinnamon and organic popcorn for both of us and we watched Material Girls, an ultimate chick flick! She liked the chai tea so much that she had another, and reused the tea bag, which I've never done before, but it works! I did Carla's makeup and we got ready to go shopping- we had so much fun- I found so much vintage stuff! A dress, 3 pairs of shoes in awesome condition, a round carryall. Carla found some shirts, skirt and a dressy outfit and some shoes and a pretty picture for her house- I did have to work with her on managing her money and put some things back because she wanted to buy everything! Reggie picked us up and we went home and had dinner, watched the Biggest Loser (I did weights and exercised during).


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