Monday, April 27, 2009

Peeled snacks are my new friends!

I've been seeing these Peeled snacks every where! Apparentally, they are on Oprah's O List, Rachel Ray, Liv Tyler- they all eat them and now I see why, they are yummy AND healthy! Christina from Peeled Snacks sent me a yummy selection to try for myself! I Loved all of the peeled snacks but my favorites would have to be the Pine-4- Pineapple and Apricot-a-Lot. The hubby liked the Go- Mango- man go, which is very name appropriate lol. These are perfect for road trips or plane rides- I will definitely take these with me next time we go biking and want
something to snack on! Plus there is no added sugar or fat which I do not need, thank you very
much! If you go to and fill out their survey they are GIVING out $10 gift cards to use towards your next order!! I totally just went and got mine!!


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