Thursday, May 21, 2009

Snikiddys for kids and for the kid in all of us!

Lookie what was on my doorstep- Thanks Mary! :D

Of course, we couldn't wait to dig into the NACHO Cheese puffs! We ALL (including the dog) loved them! Yum! Founded in 2006 by Janet Owings and Mary Schulman, a mother/daughter team with a shared passion for children’s health, Snikiddy® is a brand of great tasting, family-friendly snack foods made from simple, wholesome and real ingredients. Snikiddy has also been featured on The View- Elisabeth Hasselbeck promoted these snacks for her G-Free diet and Rachel Ray featured the Mac N Cheese Puffs as snack of the day. Visit and receive a $1 off coupon. ________________________________

We also tried the Pizza Puffs and boy they are so yummy!! They definitely tastes like pizza and melt in your mouth- I know a certain nephew (Austin) that would go crazy for these!! My nephew and niece are coming up next weekend (or is it this one?) and I am going to let them taste all of them and see what they think- I'll update once they try them all! The great thing about these Puffs are that they are made with REAL cheese ( I hate the artificial cheese- gross), 30% less fat & 20% fewer calories than other leading brands, Gluten & Wheat Free, No Preservatives, Low in Saturated Fat & cholesterol. What more can you ask for? _________________________________

Later on, we tried out all of the cookies- I promise you, there were NO complaints to be found, not a one! I have to say that my Favorite was the Oatmeal chocolate bites-I had to stop myself from eating the entire box too many! The hubby LOVED the chocolate chocolate and chocolate chip bites- there is maybe a handful left in each box now! Roscoe, our dog was begging of course, so we let him have an oatmeal since it seemed to have the least chocolate, which he proceeded to eat swallow quite happily. The great thing about these cookies are that they are made with whole wheat flour, real butter and unrefined cane sugar and a good source of whole grains and fiber- SERIOUSLY, where can you find cookies like that? I don't have kids but I will definitely be sharing these with some parents for their kids-I can't imagine any kids that wouldn't like these! And what is so great, is that you can practically find them EVERYWHERE! Whole Foods, Wegmans, even Toys R' Us and Amazon, and many more places!


Julie said...

Those look yummy Melinda! I finally signed up.... so now I can post comments!

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