Friday, May 15, 2009

Eats for the Day :D

Medora sent me some yummy samples to try out :D
2 cups Yerba Mate- morning & afternoon
juiced organic oranges= yummy raw juice!
My daily cocktail of Macrogreens & Juice
Snack to satisfy my sweet & salty cravings :D Fruity Salad for lunch Banana w/AB- EVERYONE has this combo on their blog.. So, I HAD to try it! It's yum!
Cukes, Avo & Cashew Butter for Din
<3 my Vitamix
My Friday Night Non-Alkie Cocktail
Got to keep the temple clean :D
Slept in until 10:45 this morning-I felt great! I was down 0.5 lb although I said I wasn't going to weigh yet HA. I put on tea and decided to do my intense aerobics-so I did weights/aerobics for 1 hour- I did some SERIOUS sweating, it was so much more fun than walking, I have to admit! My friend did email me back and I am going to meet up with her Monday to go walking. I paid a couple of bills and emailed my sister for most of the day- I was Super lazy today.
I did get to try out the variety of chips that Medora sent- Since I am trying to eat High Raw- I only took a bite of each especially since most were not Vegan. I did really like the Pogos in Jalapeno Flavor and Reggie ate the entire bag of Corners in Ranch flavor, but I did manage to get a bite- no wonder he liked them- they were super yum! They tasted like a healthier & yummier version of ranch doritos! My fave were the Sotos because they were vegan and they tasted super light which I liked- I snacked on a few of these! I definitely love chips and I love that these are way healthier than regular chips so I didn't feel quite as guilty haha. Plus these yummy chips are ALL Natural and can be purchased online at .Check out all of the yummy flavors at !
Hope you all have a fabulous night :D


Meganerd said...

I love that mug/teacup your tea is in!

Melinda said...

I wish I could take credit for it- but I borrowed it from Google images. It's cute though! :D

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