Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Playing Catch up :D

My "To Do" List for Tuesday
Samples from Murad Ruby Tuesday's Coupons- sign up for So Connected and get Dining coupons! My Daily Green Juice Cocktail :D
Making more cashew milk/mixed w/rice milk
Making RAW Soup- YUM!
Raw bar for energy before working out
My first watermelon for this year- I LOVE Watermelon! :D
Reggie saw this recipe in Sam's booklets they were handing out,
so we went home and cooked it together
along w/organic oven roasted potatoes & mac & cheese
I really don't think he liked it very much...
then we watched Survivor Finale & Reunion-gotta say I LOVE that my good ole' southern boy JT won BOTH the million & sprint fave!! I was so happy for him! :D
had a cup of OG Yerba Mate & rest of the Koka Moka ProBar while I watched
Got snacky- shouldn't have...but ate this teeny bag of chips- they were super yum!
So, Monday I was pretty busy which is why I am posting today. I did the dishes, stripped the beds, put some things away in the attic, started to mow the grass-but didn't have time because it was time to meet my friend to go work out. We power walked for 2 hours and afterward, Reggie picked me up and we went to Sam's and got a few groceries then headed home. Reggie saw a recipe that he wanted to try out, so we both cooked up a nice din. together- it was definitely a "MAN'S" Meal- not something that I would eat. I had some raw avo soup that I had made earlier for lunch- I had it for din also- very good! I FINALLY got some ECOS Laundry detergent from Sam's- the laundry was really starting to pile up! So last night, I put a load on as soon as we got home! On to another subject, I seriously am thinking of rejoining the gym- I REALLY miss working out with the weights, spin class, aerobics- I definitely need that type of environment to push myself- I am going with my friend on Wednesday and I am really thinking about signing up! :D
~xoxo~ Melinda


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