Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Weekend and Ebay Listings :D

Salvatore Ferragamo Designer shoes
made in Italy (now on Ebay) these are fabulous
but 6.5 are 1 size too small for me!
Lot of Sophie Kinsella Books = ULTIMATE Chick Lit
(now on Ebay) Brand New Sony Vaio Laptop (now on Ebay)
Worked SO hard today listing things on ebay, craigslist, organizing the closets & cleaning up
the construction mess in the back yard, but I feel so accomplished YAY!
Had a Tea break & caught up on my fave guilty show! :D
Raw Vegan Nori Roll- only ate 1 b/c I lost my appetite The weekend has been so crazy! BUSY!! We tore down the siding on another part of the house, so it would be ready next. Reggie planted loofah seeds, spinach, organic kale, more cucumbers, red leaf spring greens- he already has the next batch going! I gave Roscoe a bath and did the dishes, helped Reggie clean the entire back yard. I organized both the coat closet and Reggies closet and listed several things on Ebay and some on craigslist. And finally I took a break and caught up on my Hills- it was so good and DRAMATIC as always! I've been doing great adding in my intense aerobics now and eating High Raw- this is my 5th day or so (can't remember) without coffee- I've been drinking lots of teas lately. Besides what is shown above, I had 2 Garden of Life Raw bars- I really don't eat much at all! Unfortunately, for some reason my efforts are NOT showing up on the scales or how my clothes are fitting- I may have to renew my membership at the gym if things don't change soon. I used to go to Spin classes and Aerobics every day and I was so toned and had no problem keeping my weight maintained, so I may be a gym rat again soon! Do any of you guys go to the gym or do your own routine/dvd workout at home and how does that work for you? I do have some great TaeBo and High intensity Aerobic Dvds I may just have to break out in the morning! As for me, I still have to go and wash/vacuum the Bronco so I can get it ready to put on Craigslist to sell before the summer then I'm going to do some aerobics. Hope you all have a fabulous night- toodles!:D


Meganerd said...

Yay! I love the shopaholic Books. Did you know that the author also writes under the name Madeline Wickham? those books are good too.

Melinda said...

I had no clue- wow! Thanks for telling me! :D

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