Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pro Bar Review :D

So exciting!! A sampling with my Macrogreens = my breakfast :D
Made from whole, organic, raw foods, and 100 percent vegan, PROBAR is a natural alternative to other nutrition bars which contain unrecognizable, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Not only are Art’s creations nutritious, but also they actually look appetizing – like real food! Just to top it off, they taste delicious too! ___________________________
So for my Review:
First of all, I loved that they are 70% raw- this is PERFECT for me!! I also love that each bar provides up to 6-7 grams fiber and 9-12 grams protein - since I am a vegetarian, essential protein is really important for me.
Sesame Goji- I loved the sesame and goji combination- this one was my favorite!
Maple Pecan - I could definitely taste the pecan in this bar- it reminded me of eating a slice of pecan pie, but better!
Koka Moka- Of course I love chocolate and it was chewy and chocolatey (is that a word? lol) so this ended up being one of my faves!
Cocoa Pistachio- Loved the combination of the cocoa and pistachio- salty and sweet at the same time- very yummy!
Superfood Slam - I have to say out of all 5 this was my least favorite- I know it's super healthy, but you could definitely taste the "green" in this, which is always hard for me to take. I would eat it just for the health benefits, not so much for the taste.
Overall, I really loved the Probars, they are all very chewy, filling and tasty! I could definitely use these on our biking/hiking trips, road trips, etc. You can find Probars at Whole Foods Market, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. or go to and check them out! Thanks again Kendall :D


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