Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's Get Wild!!

So, yesterday was pretty uneventful- I did go to Big Lots with Mom and picked up two wedding shower gifts, wedding wrapping paper & bow, some badly needed clothes hangers and 2 photo albums. Mom bought me a Starbucks candy bar (that I didn't need) but I just took one teensy bite and saved the rest for Reggie. We stopped by BK so Mom could get a coffee, she offered me one, but I said no thanks- I'm really picky about what type of coffee I drink and BK just doesn't do it for me. I'm more of a Seattle's Best or Starbucks kind of gal or better yet just make it myself at home with the french press. Anyway, I was so tired for some reason, so I really didn't do much all day. Oh, I did make up the bed and put up some clothes, so there's that.
Today (Thursday) however, I've been SO busy! Trying to get everything done before the wedding-I had to try on several dresses, trying to choose one- I finally found one that I like! So that is done! Then I had to make a casserole for the reception (to help out the family so they don't have to do everything) so I decided (since I have a HUGE bag of mozzerella and a TON of eggs that I need to use) to make a Quiche for the reception and one for Reggie and also an Organic Chicken (hormone free) and penne casserole- which is baking as I type. I am also making a pasta salad for the reception- I do worry that things will get cold and have to be reheated- hopefully, they have an oven.
This morning, Fed-ex brought me a package from Wild Bar- I was so excited to try these bars! Especially since they fit right into my raw diet! I was just going to TASTE each bar- but I ended up eating BOTH bars for breakfast! They were so good- I definitely felt energized after eating them- especially with the cacao which eliminated my usual mid-morning coffee refill! Plus, these bad boys are raw, organic AND have 14 g of fiber per bar!!
A little about Wild Bar from their website:
The WILDBAR is a 100% raw, organic, Kosher, non-GMO, whole food "meal in a bar" that combines raw cacao with a proprietary 1,500mg blend of Ancient Sun's fresh-dried wild blue-green algae and wild blue-green algae extract, as well as with selected superfoods, herbs and spices (see ingredient list below). WILDBAR's benefits include: increased mental and physical energy, heightened clarity and attention, elevated mood and sense of well-being (due to the significant concentrations of phenylethylamine - PEA (30mg PEA per bar) - in the raw cacao and the wild blue-green algae), strengthened immune function, and enhanced joint flexibility. The only sweetener used is all natural, dark blue agave nectar, which has an extremely low glycemic index.
People who would like Wild Bars:
• Consumers seeking a whole food "meal in a bar" that is delicious, nutrient-rich and 100% raw
• Athletes, adventurers, back country packers and other active people who need sustained energy• Raw food aficionados who also want healthy fats, sustained energy and great taste
• People who love the taste of rich, dark chocolate, but want a healthy alternative
• Diabetics who need healthy, low glycemic foods
• Individuals and families wanting outstanding nutrition in a single bar
• People who want over 50% of their RDA in fiber and/or B-12 in a great-tasting bar
• People who want Omega-3 heart-healthy benefits in every bite
• People looking for a nutrient-rich meal that elevates their mood and sense of well being
These bars are awesome and I would love to buy them in the future- right now, the only downside that I see is that they are a little pricey- but if compared to eating out, this is definitely alot healthier and better for your money. So go check out today!


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