Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What I've been up to :D

SO looking forward to watching Biggest Loser!!!
Food shopping Yay! Reading Glamour w/daily greens :D My first cucumber!!
Cherry tomatoes!
Roscoe stealing sitting in my chair
Organic apple slices w/AB YUM!!
Organic Portabella w/raw sauce, sliced onions, nutritional yeast
Raw Veggies w/raw cashew dip
I had some organic Yerba Mate Tea (hubby's boxers- so comfy!)
and watched some T.V.
So to back track- Saturday, I helped my sister throw out organize things at my Mom's house- by the time we finished, it looked so awesome! My mom called while we were there and she was so happy that we were organizing for her- we left her a little note (she was in Cali. for Mother's Day with her Mom so we will have a belated Mother's Day for her when she gets back). After, we finished at my Mom's, I ended up getting to go back home with my sister to hang out some more- I was so excited! But first, we stopped to clean the church she goes to- it only took about 20 minutes, we just vacuumed and tidied up really quick. Then we headed back to her house -we were famished so we made ourselves some dinner- I had a huge organic salad. Unfortunately, Reggie decided to come sooner than we had predicted, so I didn't get to hang out as long as I wanted to, but we still had too much LOADS of fun the entire weekend!
I was so tired from staying up at my sisters and cleaning my Mom's house, that Sunday ended up being a really lazy day for me. I did manage to shave Roscoe and give him a bath- hopefully, that will cut down on all of the hair he sheds inside- which makes me have to clean constantly! I also recorded our weekly shows on the Replay TV and deleted some that I didn't need anymore.
Slept in until 10:45- terrible! But I did alot on Monday! I cleaned the house from top to bottom- I did laundry and watched some sermons while I did, cleaned windows, dusted, wiped down the couches (Roscoe's hair sheds alot), dishes and watered the garden. I also walked for 2.5 hours while I talked to my sister. We watched Amazing Race and Survivor later that night. I also figured out something new on blogger BY MYSELF-yay for me!! :D Also added some music to my page which I've been wanting to do also!
Got 3 different packages in today YAY!! The fed ex guy came right when I was getting out of the shower- really?? so I had to throw on a robe to meet him at the door- his exact wordswere "oh Lordy" I mean I had clothes on lol. Reggie picked me up at lunch and we went food shopping & grabbed him a sub at Publix. Oh, and I have about 45 organic okra plants coming up- speaking of which, I need to go water the garden! And I am going walking later. I've been doing great eating raw, I've been drinking my MacroGreens every day too. I am sure the weight will be dropping off soon- I think decreasing eliminating my coffee may be the next thing I need to do to help the weight loss.


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