Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Day of Obstacles...

So, my day started with my friend that visits monthly
I was not feeling so hot, let me tell ya
I did exactly this with some OG yerba mate tea w/loads of cinnamon (helps w/pain)
& caught up on my Gossip Girl shows
Our new peeping Tom hehe
He was sooo cute! I gave him some leftover pizza, cornbread and spinach bites for him
now he will never leave haha :D
Lunchie- raw veggies & raw cashew dip
Daily MacroGreens w/Berry Boost YUM!
Mom gave me some avocados
Organic Fruit salad w/OG Tahini & agave- din
My garden- hubby forced reminded me that it needed weeding
Things I did yesterday:
Power walked/weights 1.5 hours
2 Product Reviews
Bathed Roscoe
Made more Raw Cashew Dip
First Day COFFEE FREE!!!
Took my new Raw Vitamins (Garden of Life) & Daily MacroGreens Supplement
Watched Some Past Episodes (been recorded forever) of Gossip Girl
Watched Finale of America's Next Top Model! I wanted Alison to win! :(
FINALLY watched Amazing Race Finale!
Weeded the Garden
Emptied the Trash
Got in new products to review!


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