Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Raw foods, house remodeling and doggie cone woes!

Things I did Sunday and Monday
Moved sand to ungrassy areas on lawn (1.5 hours)
Mowed the lawn
Watered the garden
Gave Roscoe a bath/blowdry
Did laundry & dishes
Watched Marley & Me FINALLY- I cried at the ending :(
Watched Hells Kitchen, Survivor, Amazing Race with Reggie
Watched all of The Hills Season (LOVE The Hills!)
Had MacroGreens for Breakfast every day
Cleaned out my makeup bag
Cut Reggie's hair
Reggie helped me wax
FINALLY got the Sam's photo ordeal worked out- they had to refund me $$$$ for messing up my order
Had a hot bath/facial scrub/leave in conditioner
My NVEY Organics samples came in
Reggie had to pick Roscoe up a dog cone at the vets office- he kept biting- he HATES it!
Made Raw cashew dip w/fresh dill & Raw cashew milk for my coffee and teas
Had Yerba Mate tea with my raw cashew milk w/organic cinnamon- yummy!
Power walked both days for 1.5-2 hours w/weights
My awesome hubby picked up organic carrots, organic spring mix, avocados, bananas and pineapple for me- he is the best!! :)
Watched several Entertainment Tonight to free up space on hard drive
Recorded weekly shows on Replay TV
Things I am looking forward to!
Going to the strawberry patch with Mom to pick strawberries! (We do this every year)
Going to Adam and Jamie's wedding on Thursday
My Larabars coming in!
Trying out my new eyeshadows
Going power walking today
Having some organic french press coffee with my raw cashew milk


Lynnivere said...

Wow.. a day in the life. Looks delicious & delightful!

**pets the pup**

Melinda said...

It gets interesting lol- thanks for stopping by- I am going to check out your blog now!:)

Becky said...

haha look at the conehead- just j/k love you Roskie(my nickname for Roscoe)

Anonymous said...

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