Saturday, May 2, 2009

How my Friday Night went down!

We had TOO much fun Friday night- we ordered pizza & an order of crazy bread (I didn't eat any, it was SO hard to turn it down though!), rented 2 movies (Marley and Me & Yes Man) Yes Man was HILARIOUS- loved it! We ate and then hopped in the jacuzzi (Reggie's parents have the cadillac of Jacuzzis - it was as Austin would say AWESOME!! Next we watched Yes Man, it was so funny- we didn't get to bed until around 3 a.m!!


lesley said...

Haha, we just watched Yes Man, too and we loved it! It was so funny!!

Movie and jacuzzi?? Nice!

Melinda said...

I know! Can you imagine saying yes to EVERY THING! I think my life would be too full! lol

Yeah it was so much fun- nice to relax instead of working on the house for once!

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