Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girls Night YEAH!!!!

So, this is how our night went down.. ready?... On the walk over to my brothers house To see his cute new puppies- awww this one loved me!
Resting my weary & dirty feet lol
I Heart fruit!!
I can almost taste them, yum!!
We walked into the woods...
and down by the barn where a mosquito landed on my head...see??
Katie walked with us and kept us feeling safe
We drove the tractor (NOT haha)
No way could I drive this huge beast!
I had to have a picture by the lake
Look at how great my Jane Iredale makeup held up- after over 2 hours of romping around- my sister totally loved it too!
First bottle popped in the freezer, second bottle- made a toast to 2009
bringing in awesome blessings!!


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