Friday, May 8, 2009

My makeup came in YAY!!

So, my Jane Iredale makeup came in this week- I've been trying to find something to cover my sun spots better. Plus my Mom in law uses Jane Iredale and her makeup always looks really nice, so I thought I would try it out! An added bonus, is that their makeup is not tested on animals and contains no talc or parabens and has up to SPF 30 UVB/UVA protection which I need with my skin problems. I loved the way the Dream Tint smelled- it reminded me of the "new born baby smell"- very fresh and clean. It also blended well and didn't look cakey like other makeup I've used before- I can't stand that look. I definitely think that the Zap and Hide cover stick helped somehow reflect the light off of my sun spots because it covered them almost completely! It has 2 different ends, one is like a clear stick that you put on first, then you put on the concealer part- I tried this both ways before putting on the Dream Tint and after- for me, it worked well either way. Tea tree and lavender oils kill acne-causing bacteria, and ylang ylang helps balance oil production. Together, they lend the concealer a really lovely scent. I have to say I LOVED the powder too, it was not cakey and didn't settle into the fine lines like I've had other powders do. At the wedding reception, this girl that I practically grew up with, was asking my age, and I told her and she was surpirsed and said I looked like I was 20 years old(without telling the whole world my age) THAT is a compliment! I am sure the makeup helped!
I am going to my sister's tonight and we are having a Girls Night In!!The boys are going to the races and won't be back home until around midnight-whoop whoop!! I am going to bring my Madame Madeline (love that name- so mysterious) eyelashes, my new makeup and some bubbly (sparkling cider lol) and we are going to hang out and watch chick shows/movies! I'm so excited! I have to go pack some things now! I'll update with pics soon :-)


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