Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Raw + working out = HAPPY!! :D

The hubby is a little spoiled HA
The boy LOVES MixMyGranola :D
OG Yerba Mate Tea w/loads of cinnaMON! Snack
Veggies from "someone elses" garden- Mom bought for me
I'm loving my RAW veg soup- so YUM!
I was craving something sweet and thinking how
me & my Mom used to always bake when I was little..
95% Raw Banana Pudding
= AWESOME NANA Pudding!!!
Getting ready to meet my friend and hit up the gym! :D
I've been so busy lately with my To Do lists and errands, so this post is partly Tuesday and Today mixed. Yesterday I mowed the back lawn, made hair appt. for Wednesday, did TONS of laundy while I watched the Bachlorette- which I LOVED btw! I went walking with my friend for 2 hours, then Reggie and I hit up Lowes and got our paint for the den, then we went by his parents to pick up the veggies Mom had for me. We ended up eating dinner there- I had an avo + pest. free tomato + sea salt, couple handfuls raw brazil nuts and 4 fresh strawberries. Reggie had the squash casserole, green beans and red potatoes and cornbread- all fresh from the garden, fresh made.
Woke up at 7:20 today, had hair appt. at 9:00. When I got home I mowed the front lawn, made up our bed, did dishes, painted area in den, did MORE laundry, and made some more raw soup and raw Banana pudding- which btw if anyone would like the recipe, just ask! Now I'm going to take a nice bath so I can get ready to hit the gym! :D


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