Saturday, May 2, 2009

Part 2 of my sister's visit!

Reggie picked me up some organic spring mix, organic carrots, 1 pineapple, bunch bananas and bag of avocados and my sister pretty much the same too minus th avocados. We are going to set up a healthy eating plan/exercise and set a goal to lose 10 lbs! Summer time is right around the corner and here in South Georgia it's already hot enough to tan!
Things I did today:
Power walked with my sister for 1 hour together (later I walked for 1 hour) while Austin skatedCleaned/organized the fridge thanks to my awesome sister!
Worked on Blog stuff
Glam makeovers & took loads of pics- more on that later...
Had french press coffee and 1 fig newton
fresh French Green Beans for lunch, big organic salad for dinner
Got my awesome almonds in the mail!
Fed the squirrels corn (found it in the fridge-unedible)
Talked to some nice neighbors when we stopped at a yardsale while out walking- tried out a brand new exercise bike they were selling
Did dishes
Did 1 load of laundry
Emptied the trash
Made organic paw raw burgers for the pooches
Watered the garden & flowers
FINALLY used my apple corer- I LOVE it!!
Juiced about 10 apples
Tried out my new macrogreens super food drink along with my sister and hubby
Weighed- yay it's going down!!
Things I am looking forward to tonight:
Watching Marley & Me (We didn't have enough time to watch it)
spending time with the hubby
Getting some zzz's- not 3 a.m tonight!


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