Thursday, May 14, 2009

RAW Crunch! :D

Book about the RAW Crunch Diet
My Raw Crunch Bars came in- thanks for the fast shipping Kathy! :D
The first one I tried was the blueberry- om gosh, this is so yummy! Love the combo of sweet and salty- this is so good and it's ALL RAW!!
Look at all the yummy ingredients!
See for yourself
This one was on the bottom so that is why I didn't try it first- I was so excited to try this w/ the chocolate and I have to say this one was my fave!! Chocolate + fruit + nuts= HEAVEN! :D
This one was so yummy too hmmmm
Goji Berries- very good! Not a bad bar in the bunch!
More about Kathy:
Kathy has twelve years of experience in the fields of corrective and high performance exercise health and nutrition. An honors graduate from East Carolina University, Kathy has a Bachelors of Science degree in Cellular Biology. Following college she became a successful National Fitness America competitor, sports model and TV Personality. Recently, Kathy has founded Body Engineering, Inc. with the objective of establishing a company to manufacture her ultimate health food formula, trademarked as Raw Crunch® bars. In addition to her bars, Kathy is the author of The Raw Crunch Diet™ and producer of the Raw Crunch Workout™ DVD adding the final aspects to her wellness concept.
My take on the raw bars are that they are phenomenal- they taste so good, it's hard to believe that they are all raw and good for you! I always say the proof is in the pudidng and by the looks of Kathy, I'd say she is plenty of proof- I need to eat more raw crunch bars so I can get a banging body like hers! Go to to read more about her Raw Crunch Diet and workout also- she also has a blog at So check it out! :D


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