Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Making Raw bars

Since it was raining yesterday, I thought (since I was out of raw bars and was too lazy to go to the store) I would make my own raw bars. So I rounded up the ingredients I could find - cranberries (out of dates), raw almonds, raw walnuts, organic cocoa powder, coconut- at the end I decided to add in some organic chocolate and organic agave to sweeten it up- they turned out pretty good, but they're no LaraBars! Guess I'll have to make due until my raw bars come in. Speaking of things coming in the mail- I got in 2 packages today- I was so excited! I will be sharing my thoughts as soon as I try everything out!!
My organic okra is coming up!! I'm so excited and also shocked that they came up! I also have baby tomatoes and baby cucumbers starting to grow now- I can't wait to start making some new raw recipes out of my organic veggies- yum!


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