Friday, May 1, 2009

Bored at work = this random post :)

Things I did today:
Dressed super casual for work mostly because the 'rents were gone yeah!!
Stopped @ a yardsale on the way back from lunch- found a Twister game for 1 buck!
Had a pistachio Larabar for a snack
Had Newman's organic french roast coffee for lunch, later had 3 small bananas w/organic french vanilla yogurt
Talked to my sis for about an hour on the phone while at work = naughty HA + I emailed her all day too lol- very slow day
Ran out of minutes on my phone- have to buy some more
Plucked my eyebrows at work, I was bored
Cleaned off Dad's desk a little
Washed the office dishes
Washed the dishes (@home) on my lunch break
Fed the pooches
Things I am excited for:
Getting off of work today!!!
My sister, Becky coming up to visit!!
Some packages I am waiting on to arrive!
Watching some t.v or a movie tonight
Going power walking today!
Trying out the false eyelashes that I got in the mail this weekend
Having some (more) organic coffee this afternoon with my sister
Trying out my MacroGreens in a smoothie or some juice


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