Friday, May 1, 2009

TGIF!!!! :)

Hey guys, I know everyone is super excited that it's FRIDAY!! Whoop whoop!! Even though I have loads of cleaning to do as soon as I get home this afternoon. My sister, Becky and her son Austin is coming up- she called me and she may even be coming up TONIGHT!! I was thinking if she comes up tonight we can do the hot tub, watch a movie, eat some grub. Btw, check out the first picture in this post- we have a extra Lazy squirrel at our office- he is laying down while he eats!! lol Reggie showed me and I thought it was so funny!
Things I did yesterday:
Power walked 1.5 hours
Planted 10 rows of organic okra
Watered the garden & flowers
Cooked spaghetti for Reggie- dinner
Gave my blog a facelift
Worked at the office for 5 hours
Ate: 1 raw bar, 1 organic apple, handful of raw pepitas, 2 cups organic coffee, 1/2 glass organic 2% milk & some organic chocolate chip Newmans own cookies


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