Thursday, May 14, 2009

A slow day...

I'm so tired of walking alone- hopefully I can start back
walking with my friend starting tomorrow
Eats for Today:
Bfast- 1 Garden of Life Chocolate Raspberry Bar, Tea w/cashew milk & OG agave
Lunch- Very few raw veggies- cukes, broc., mushrooms- all OG w/raw cashew dip
Snack- 1 cup OG Yerba Mate Tea w/raw cashew milk, OG cinnamon & OG agave
Snack- 1 Raw Crunch Goji Bar
Din- Small bowl Raw fruit salad (1 OG apple, 1 banana, OG Tahini, OG agave)
Snack- Another Garden of Life Raw Chocolate Raspberry bar (CRAVING chocolate:D)
Today is Day 2 of No Coffee, I've just been drinking teas and honestly I feel MORE energy instead of less, how weird is that?! I haven't even craved coffee in the afternoons like I normally do, so that is great. I don't know how I am progressing weight wise yet since I am on my mensies, I am going to wait and weigh around Monday or Tuesday of next week. I've been doing EVERYTHING that I know to do to lose this weight. Although, I know I could step it up on the exercise- I'm thinking about doing some intense aerobics in the a.m. to some music to get me motivated and save the power walking for the afternoon part. I'm really proud of myself for going back to eating High Raw, quitting coffee and exercising everyday. Today I did power walk for about an hour or more- I emailed my walking buddy and hopefully we can meet up tomorrow to walk for a few hours. Today has been kind of a slow day, so not much to post about- I plan on making myself a cup of yerba mate and watching the Survivor Finale tonight with the hubby and then going to bed. Hope you all have a good fabulous night! :D


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