Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things have to change!

Okay, so things have been crazy busy lately and I have had no time to blog. Soo, I have decided to go back on my raw vegan eating like I used to- I need to lose these 10-15 lbs soon- I have several events coming up and I want to look my best. I feel terrible not fitting into any of my clothes, but on the plus side my hair is so shiny and a gorgeous color! I have been speed walking for about 1.5 - 2 hours daily but that doesn't seem to be helping me to lose weight either. I have been taking my vitamins and drinking my green smoothies and taking the new Femdiol (all natural) so I will see if that helps. I have plenty of salad and fruits so I can start my first day of raw today! Breakfast- 1 cup organic coffee w/organic half & half & organic raw sugar, 1 green apple Snack - 1 cup organic green tea w/honey Lunch - avocado, diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, organic cumin, sea salt- cucumber sticks to dip with Snack - 4 dates, 1 navel orange Snack - 1 cup organic green tea w/honey Dinner - avocado, diced tomatoes, fresh garlic, organic cumin, sea salt - yellow bellpeppers to dip with 3/4 cup organic coffee Snack- Dates w/organic pecans, some organic strawberry yogurt Vitamins, 8-9 glasses filtered water Speedwalked for 1.5 hours. I raked the entire front and back lawn, planted the garden veggies & herbs, snapdragons, dianthus, daisies, petunias including 2 hanging baskets for the front porch-it all looks so great- I'll have to update with pictures once I get some free time. I still need to mow the lawn once Reggie has the lawnmower repaired. Mom and I went to a couple different Nurseries to get flowers and veggies, we also went to the farmers market and got fruits and veggies. I listened to a sermon yesterday and today- I also went through my things and have a load of things to consign- so that will be some extra $$. I cleaned Mom P.s yesterday so that is extra $$ also- we are hiring help for our house siding, so I have been saving towards that. Adam is coming this Saturday and Sunday to help. I really hope that it will get done pretty fast then maybe they can move on to finishing my bathroom! Next Friday is the 50's Party so I have been working like crazy on that- I found an old record player, some hula hoops, big checker game, 50's cds-I have to go this week to see if I can find some old roller skates, records and maybe some more decor for the party and an outfit! My new Lavera makeup came in and I love it- now I have more makeup than I know what to do with!


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