Friday, March 27, 2009

3rd Day Raw!

Went to the Library yesterday, I got more Sophie Kinsella books (love her books!!) and more movies. I had some Seattles Best Organic Coffee when I got home- it is my favorite coffee!! I went speed walking for 45 minutes. We got our hardiplank siding delivered-I am so excited to get the siding done!!
I cut my pineapple this morning, but it wasn't quite sweet enough, so I didn't really have any breakfast. I have to go food shopping today to get some more fruits and vegs.
Dad called me from Trader Joes in Virginia and they got me loads of good things, they called me to ask what type of organic coffee I wanted, they bought me 2 different kinds- yay! Now they are headed to Whole Foods Market, they are going to try to find me the Teecino and Raw Tahini. I wish I was there right now with them :( Here is the list that I emailed JoEllen and they found everything on it, yay!! I can't wait to get my goodies!
Hi JoEllen! Here is the list for Trader Joes- wish I was there!!!!
Organic if possible
Raw Pumpkin seeds
Raw cashews
Raw Almonds
Raw tahini
Raw agave nectar
Larabars- cashew cookie, peanut butter, chocolate flavors
Organic Chocolates
Raw almond butter
Teecino!! If they have it
Yerba Mate Tea
Organic coffee- dark roast
Thanks! Have a good time- Love ya! :-) xoxo~Melinda
I am going to head to the thrift shop after work to see if I can find any 50's party items like rollerskates, jukebox, records, an outfit to wear for the party. I am saying a prayer that I can find some things- the party is NEXT Friday!!
Breakfast- 1 cup organic coffee
Snack- 1 cup organic tea
Lunch- few organic celery sticks, guacamole
Snack - few bites organic strawberry yogurt


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