Saturday, March 28, 2009

Making Loads of Goodies!

Lasagne for Reggie & Adam
Making homemade pecan milk
My famous Raw Asian wraps-yummy!
My new bag from the Thrift Shop - contents of my purse
Raw date nut rolls- heaven!
Thrift Shop find
Getting Juiced up!
Food Shopping-Morning Star 50% off at Publix!
Today has been so great! Reggie brought me coffee in bed this morning while I looked at my old blog from last year- it was so motivating to see how well I was doing on raw then! I did so much today- I was on a roll! As far as raw foods, I have so much to choose from that I have no excuse not to eat healthy! For the last 3 weeks, I've kept 3 lbs off, I really have to do better.
Breakfast- 1 c. organic coffee
Lunch- 4 Raw Asian wraps
Snack- 1 c. organic coffee, 5 date balls
Another cup organic coffee


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