Thursday, March 26, 2009

2nd Day of High Raw

So today is Day 2 of eating high raw- yesterday I did pretty good, although I still want to cut back the coffee and eventually cut it out. I already feel so much better eating high raw- I also weighed less this morning which was very encouraging. I plan to go this week to get more raw fruits and veggies. I also plan on making some raw onion bread this week so I can make raw pizza and chips for guacamole. Here are the pictures I finally downloaded, they are from March 16th - my sister and I went Thrift Shopping and to Super Target as you can see in the pics lol. I am the girl in the tan striped tank. We had so much fun that day and bought LOADS of cute clothes! We are planning another trip in hopefully another month! I just found out Mom is going to Trader Joes while they are in Virginia and she told me to make a list of what I wanted, yay I'm so excited!! I love TJ's!! Breakfast - 3/4 cup organic coffee, 1 green apple Snack - 1 cup organic green tea with honey
Lunch - 1 avocado, tomatoes, organic cumin, sea salt, fresh garlic- yellow bell pepper & cucumber dippers
Snack- 4 dates w/ 4 organic pecans
Snack- 1 cup organic green tea w/honey
Snack- cherry pie larabar
Dinner- jicama (raw fries) w/organic ketchup
snack- few dates, pecans & some organic strawberry yogurt


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